• Introduction

Sintering machine is the most widely used and mature type of sintering machine in metallurgical iron and steel enterprises, and its technology is advanced, reliable and practical. It is mainly suitable for the sintering treatment of iron ore powder in large and medium-sized sintering plants. Advanced process design, efficient and continuous operation, equipped with a lubrication system to make the equipment operation safer, and has the advantages of good product quality, low energy consumption, and low pollution.


Belt sintering machine is the main equipment for metallurgical sintering operations. It is mainly composed of sintering trolley, gears at both ends, transmission device, mixture and bottoming device, skeleton, tail moving device, ignition device, wind box, end sealing device, dust removal Device, dry oil centralized lubrication device and other components. It is used to sinter concentrate powder, rich ore powder and other raw materials with different composition and granularity into agglomerates for blast furnace steelmaking.