Jinggong Measuring Tools Producing Co., Ltd has complete production processes and facilities, we control each processes from making moulds, casting, aging treatment, machining, testing and packing in our own factory.


Jinggong's casting center is about 10,000 square meters, including the casting test center, mold shop, casting workshop. Has the drag One (20T)-to-Two (10T) intermediate frequency smelting furnace composite, 30T / hour resin sand production line, the largest processing specifications 15 m x 4 m of the blasting equipment and heat treatment equipment. The casting capacity is nearly 20,000 tons one year.


Can produce a single piece of the largest weight of 60 tons for gray iron casting and a single piece of the maximum weight of 40 tons for ductile (spheroidal graphite) castings.

              Open the furnace                                             Casting                                                                    Electric furnace

           Casting center shot equipment                    Casting center heat treatment equipment                                    Casting