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How to check the quality of cast iron welding platform?
2022-03-03 14:54:36

1. There should be no rust, scratches, bumps and other appearance defects affecting the use on the working surface of the platform.


2. There should be no casting defects such as sand holes, pores, cracks, slag inclusions and shrinkage porosity on the working surface of the platform.


3. Each casting surface should be cleaned of molding sand, and the surface should be smooth and firmly painted, and each tax edge should be blunt.


4. On the opposite sides of the platform, the T-slot should have installation handles or hoisting positions, threaded holes or cylindrical holes. When setting the hoisting position, consideration should be given to minimizing the deformation caused by hoisting.


5. The platform should be stabilized and demagnetized.


6. The vertical tolerance of the platform working surface and the side and the adjacent two sides is 12 (according to GB1184-80 "Shape and Position Tolerance") The hardness of the platform working surface should be between HB170-220 or 187-255.


7. The number of contact spots for the 1-level platform is required to be no less than 20 points in any 25×25mm plane, and the number of contact spots for the 2-level platform is required to be no less than 12 points in any 25×25mm plane.


The main verification items of cast iron welding platform: 1. Material and surface hardness. 2. Shape and position tolerance, including nominal size and verticality tolerance. 3. Appearance. 4. Flatness. 5. Contact spots. 6. Plane fluctuation. 7. The allowable deflection value of the working surface. 8. Surface roughness.


cast iron welding platform


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