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  • CIMT 2023 in Beijing

    China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT), founded in 1989 by China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association, is the most prestigious international machine tool exhibition in China, and is one of the four major international machine tool exhibitions in the world
  • How to install T-Slotted floor plates?

    In order to prevent the Plates from being deformed during use, when hoisting it, four wire ropes of the same length should be used to hang the four lifting holes on the Plates at the same time, and the Plates should be hoisted smoothly during transportation.
  • What's the Cast Iron T-Slottted Plate?

    Cast Iron T-slotted Floor Plates is widely used in machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, hardware, aerospace, petroleum, automobile manufacturing, instrumentation manufacturing and other industries. The Cast Iron Plates can only be used after the factory installation is completed, so what should be paid attention to in the installation and use.
  • Machine Tool Casting-the gantry planer body

    The gantry planer body is mainly used for planing large workpieces, and it can also clamp multiple parts on the workbench for simultaneous processing. It is the mother machine of the industry.
  • The IMTS 2022

    The IMTS - International Manufacturing Technology Show 2022 will be held from September 12 - 17.
  • Technical Requirements For Exterior Painting Of Cast Iron Platforms

    The appearance of the cast iron platform should be standardized, serialized and generalized as much as possible to reduce the cost of the cast iron platform, and it is easy to use and manage.
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