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Installation method of cast iron T slotted plate
2021-11-24 16:01:43

1. Installation of adjustable steel bracket/frame.


The bracket is divided into angle steel welding and square steel welding. The load and stability are different, and the price is also very different.


steel bracket/frame


2. Adjust the shim installation.


The cast iron T slotted plate is adjusted to the horizontal position by using the shim, and is evenly distributed at each fulcrum. The ambient temperature is (20±5)℃. Vibration should be avoided, and it is generally used for the installation of inspection platforms, measurement platforms, assembly platforms and welding platforms. It is characterized by fast installation and convenient movement.


cast leveling shim


3. Install the ground anchor.


The cast iron T slotted plate can be designed to install ground anchors. First, the user can make the foundation and reserve the pit according to the cast iron platform drawings. After the platform and anchor arrive at the site, hang the anchor in the reserved pit and level the cast iron platform.


ground anchor


4. Install the anchor bolts.


After lifting the platform, hang the anchor bolts on the platform, install the platform in order, and inject the grouting material into the holes. After curing, adjust the platform to the installation accuracy so that the anchor bolts are tightened when the horizontal deviation is not more than 0.05/1000 mm. Some parts of the high-strength platform iron floor require three grouting.


5. The shock-absorbing spring device.


It is mostly used in testing occasions where there are strict requirements for platform stiffness and structural strength of dynamic load and vibration frequency.


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