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Introduction Of Cast Iron Squares, Marble Squares, And Magnesium-Aluminum Squares
2022-03-17 15:38:39

Briefly explain


A right square is used for inspection, measurement, marking, equipment installation, and industrial engineering construction. It has at least one right angle and two or more straight sides. The tool used to draw or inspect right angles is a measuring tool, referred to as a square. In some occasions, it is also called a ruler. According to the material, it can be divided into cast iron square, magnesium-aluminum square and marble square. It is used to detect the verticality of the workpiece and the relative position of the workpiece, and sometimes it is also used for marking String. It is suitable for verticality inspection of machine tools, mechanical equipment and parts, installation, processing and positioning, marking and other important measurement tools in the machinery industry. It is characterized by high precision, good stability and easy maintenance.


Specifications, accuracy and technical parameters of squares, cast iron squares, marble squares, and magnesium-aluminum squares;


1. Marble right-angle ruler - made of "Jinan Qing" stone by machining and manual fine grinding, with black luster, precise structure, uniform texture, good stability, high strength and high hardness, and can be maintained under heavy load and general temperature. High precision, and has the advantages of no rust, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, no magnetization, no shape and so on;


Accuracy of marble square ruler: grade 0, grade 00;

Marble square ruler specifications (mm):

100 × 63,160 × 100,250 × 160,400 × 250,630 × 400,800 × 500,1000 × 630;


2. Cast iron right angle ruler - made of HT250 gray cast iron, it is suitable for verticality inspection of machine tools, mechanical equipment and parts, installation and processing positioning, scribing, etc. It is an important measuring tool in the machinery industry. Its point is high precision and stability. Good performance and easy maintenance.


a. The cast iron square ruler is light in weight: a 3-meter-long square is only 9kg;

b. Easy to use: a 6-meter-long flat ruler, the staff can easily move and measure;

c. Not easy to deform: The bending point of general steel materials is 30kg 2, and the bending point of general castings is 38kg 2. The bending point of this material reaches 110kg 2, and the bending index far exceeds other materials;

d. Easy to keep: hanging or laying flat. It will not affect its straightness and parallelism due to long-term flat laying;

e. Accuracy: Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3;

F. Specifications: (mm): 150×100,300×200,400×300,500×350,650×400,800×500,1000×630,1250×800,1600×1000,2000×1250.



Magnalium Straight Edge


3. Magnesium-aluminum right-angle ruler—the material is made of aluminum alloy (airplane frame aluminum), which refers to the measuring instrument used to measure the right angle, perpendicularity and parallelism, which is perpendicular to the measuring surface and the base surface, also known as the curved ruler. , a 90-degree angle. It has a simple structure and is easy to use. It is one of the commonly used measuring instruments in equipment installation, adjustment, marking and platform measurement.


Accuracy: 0-2 grades;

Magnesium-aluminum right-angle ruler specification (mm):