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Measurement Tools And Instruments Inspection Method
2022-03-16 15:38:58

1. Use tools to check the size and geometry of parts: use various measuring tools (calipers, metal rulers, vernier calipers, centimeters, micrometers or dial indicators, dial indicators, plug gauges, gauge blocks, gear gauges, etc.) and instrument to check the size, geometry and mutual position accuracy of parts.


The thickness gauge is commonly used to measure the general fit clearance. To measure the geometrical error of parts, in addition to using the above-mentioned general measuring tools, a dial indicator equipped with a special bracket is mainly used, and a square ruler is used to measure the perpendicularity. The accuracy obtained by using the above tools is related to the accuracy of the tool itself. Generally, the error can be within 0.01mm.


2. Inspection of elastic force and torque: use a spring tester or spring scale to test the elastic force and stiffness of various springs. In repair, the quality of various springs is usually checked for two indicators: free length; elastic force when deformed to a given length.


In the repair work, the thread locking torque has a specified index, and a simple torque wrench is used for inspection. The important thread must be tightened strictly according to the standard torque.


3. Balance inspection: use the static and dynamic balance testing machine to perform static and dynamic balance inspection on the parts running at high speed.


4. Tightness inspection: For parts that are subject to internal medium pressure and must be prevented from leaking, it is necessary to carry out tightness inspection on special equipment.


5. Mechanical property test: Use special instruments and equipment to test the mechanical properties of parts such as stress, strength, hardness, impact, elongation, etc.


6.Metallographic structure inspection: use metallographic microscope to inspect metal structure, grain shape and size, microscopic defects, and analyze chemical composition.


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