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Technical Requirements For Exterior Painting Of Cast Iron Platforms
2022-03-18 15:58:10

The appearance of the cast iron platform should be standardized, serialized and generalized as much as possible to reduce the cost of the cast iron platform, and it is easy to use and manage. The appearance of the cast iron platform should be frequently trimmed whether it is new or old, and the main technical requirements are as follows:


1. Before painting the cast iron platform, check the platform castings, use tools to trim the unevenness of the surface, and remove the dirt on the surface.


2. The cast iron platform after machining must be rinsed or brushed with metal cleaner or clean industrial gasoline before painting to ensure that oil and other dirt on the surface are removed.


3. The cast iron platform primer should be applied evenly by brushing, spraying, or dipping. The primer must be fully stirred before use, diluted to an appropriate year, and then applied.


4. If vinyl perchloride is used to fill the depression of the cast iron platform, each scraping should not be too thick. The thickness of scraping is generally about 0.5 mm. Each scraping must wait for the material to be scraped to dry before proceeding.


5. After filling the cast iron platform depression with perchloride vinyl, it must be dry before grinding. After each grinding, the grinding slurry and dust on the surface need to be removed.


6. Use water grinding technology for grinding. In order to prevent the surface of the cast iron platform from rusting, it is necessary to use anti-rust water for grinding.


7.After the putty is polished and cleaned, it is necessary to spray the second primer of vinyl chloride, which can improve the flatness of the cast iron platform paint film and improve the gloss of the paint film.


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