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The features of cast iron grinding platform
2021-12-06 16:13:35

Cast iron platform grinding platform uses: manufacturing and repairing measuring tools, grinding of workpieces, production of high-precision mechanical parts, and processing of optical instruments.


Cast iron platform grinding platform specifications: 100*200mm,200*200mm, 250*250mm, 300*300mm, 400*400mm...


cast iron platform


Cast iron platform grinding platform characteristics:


1. The operation is simple, the sanding is fast, and the amount of sand is sufficient. After use, it is still very easy to load the same type of sand. After sanding, the smoothness is significantly improved.


2. It is easy to obtain the higher finish and grinding compatibility required by the gauge block, and the mirror surface of the workpiece is blue and bright.


3.The grinding platform is durable, cutting enough and long-lasting, and still has good machinability after light guide sand, and it feels smooth when pushing.


The grinding tool is called the sand-embedded grinding plate. The grinding plate has a uniform structure, a dense structure, no blisters, pores, and other defects. The sand is easy to load, the sand is distributed uniformly and richly, and the sand is embedded and has strong cutting performance. The surface is smooth, oily, sky blue, and has good abrasion resistance.


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