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Use of welding platform
2021-07-23 16:53:17

Welding is a connection method that uses local heating (sometimes local pressure) on the welding platform and the welding plate to make the material of the two metal components at the joint bake and join together. In the welding platform, the welding workpiece on the riveting platform has the characteristics of high strength, simple process, light weight, and convenient construction.


There are many welding methods. In the machinery manufacturing industry, fusion welding, pressure welding (such as friction welding, resistance welding, explosive welding, etc.) and brazing (A-port soldering, brazing, etc.) are often used. The use of fusion welding on the welding platform is a basic method. It is divided into electric welding, gas welding and electroslag welding, and its careful welding is widely used.


In the welding process, in order to avoid the phenomenon of incomplete penetration or lack of welding on the welding platform or cast iron platform, the thickness of the welded workpiece should be cleaned before welding to ensure the quality of welding.



cast iron welding platform


In welding, plates, profiles and pipes are widely used. For welding gold structural parts, the commonly used materials are Q215, Q235, Q2 calendar, etc.; for welding parts, the commonly used materials are alloy steels such as Q215-50 carbon innovation. The structure of the electrode is the same as the material being welded. In order for the welder to weld qualified products, the welding platform must be used to ensure the quality of welding. It is particularly strong and very, simply speaking, its flexibility here refers to its versatility and variability.


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