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What Aspects Are There To Ensure The Load-Bearing Of Cast Iron Plates?
2022-03-14 16:31:40

The load-bearing capacity of the cast iron plate is closely related to the actual design and actual processing and production of the cast iron plate, including the length, width, height, production process, overall structure, weight, material, etc. JB/T7974-99 requirements for cast iron plate.


The bearing capacity of the cast iron plate is guaranteed in the following aspects:


1. Structure: The box-type rib plate structure is generally adopted. The thickness of the working face on the platform, the thickness and height of the side wall, and the thickness, height and density of the bottom rib plate must be designed reasonably.


2. Weight: In order to reduce the manufacturing cost of the nameplate, many manufacturers reduce the weight of the cast iron plate and achieve cost-saving quality. Generally, the weight error of the cast iron plate should not exceed 10%. Further identification can determine whether the platform can be put into use. The light-weight cast iron plate has a short service life and unstable accuracy, and may break during the shipping process.


3. Plate placement: By changing the height of the three support points, use a spirit level to roughly adjust the plate to the level, so that the load of the plate is evenly distributed on each fulcrum, and the support points added by the large plate should be cushioned smoothly, and the horizontal plane cannot be damaged.


4. Material requirements: high strength cast iron HT200-300, hardness: HB170-240.


5. Aging: According to the national standard, it should be 2-3 years of natural aging. Due to the long time of this process, it is impossible for enterprises to wait for that long due to the influence of capital turnover. Most of them are replaced by vibration exciters through vibration aging.


6. Artificial annealing: annealing and aging treatment at a high temperature of 600-700 degrees in a tempering kiln.


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