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How to detect surface roughness of cast iron clamping plate
2021-06-21 17:24:38

1. Interference microscope measurement method.   

The interference microscope uses the principle of light wave interference to measure the surface roughness based on the wavelength of the light wave. If the measured surface has some roughness, it will show uneven peak-valley interference fringes. Observe through the eyepieces and measure the number of these interference fringes and the curvature of the peaks and valleys by using a micrometer to calculate the Ra value of the surface roughness. . If necessary, the peaks and valleys of interference fringes can be photographed for evaluation. The interference method is suitable for measuring the surface roughness of processing. It is suitable for use in the measuring room.  


2. Light section microscope measurement method.   

Light section microscope (double tube microscope) is a method of measuring surface roughness using the principle of light section. Observe the surface roughness profile image from the eyepiece, and measure the Rz value and Ry value with a micrometer. The contour image can also be drawn by measurement, and then the Ra value can be calculated, which is not commonly used because of its complicated method. If necessary, the roughness contour image can be photographed for evaluation. The light section microscope is suitable for the measurement room. 


3. Comparison method of electric profiler(surface roughness tester).   

The electric surface roughness tester is a stylus type instrument. When measuring, the tip of the stylus of the instrument is on the cross section perpendicular to the direction of the processed texture on the measured surface, and the horizontal movement is measured, and a measured stroke Ra value is directly obtained from the indicating instrument. Or use the recording device of the instrument to draw an enlarged view of the roughness profile curve, and then calculate the Ra or Rz value. This kind of instrument is suitable for measuring room. But the portable electric profiler can be used on the production site.


For Jinggong cast iron clamping plates, we usually use method 3 to test roughness of surface. To know more about cast iron clamping plates, pls visit our web