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Why do cast iron clamping plates need to be heat treated?
2021-06-23 17:13:48

The heat treatment of the cast iron clamping plate is an important process link in mechanical manufacturing. Compared with other processing processes, heat treatment generally does not change the shape of the workpiece and the overall chemical composition, but by changing the microstructure inside, Improve the performance of the workpiece.


It is necessary to place the platform inside the kiln during the tempering, until the inside temperature of the kiln is raised to 550℃ within eight hours and needs to be maintained for five hours; then reduced inside temperature to 200℃ lasting for two to four days. This is the process of tempering the cast iron clamping plate inspection tools. After these special inspection tools are tempered, the corresponding HB and HT parameter standards can be met.


Supporting ribs should be added to the dense or easily deformable parts of the cast iron clamping plate to prevent deformation and fracture due to tempering temperature. To control the temperature and prevent the temperature from being too high or too low, special personnel should take care of the tempering furnace thermometer in time.


What are the benefits of the cast iron clamping plates after tempering:


1. It can obtain the required mechanical properties of the workpiece. The cast iron platform has high hardness and high brittleness after tempering. In order to meet the different performance requirements of various castings, the hardness can be adjusted by tempering to reduce the brittleness and obtain the required toughness.


2. It can reduce the brittleness of the cast iron platform and eliminate or reduce the internal stress. If they are not tempered in time, they will often prevent the steel parts from deforming or even cracking.


3. Stabilize the size of the workpiece.


4. For alloy steels that are difficult to be softened by annealing, high temperature tempering is often used after quenching, so that the carbides in the cast iron flat steel are properly aggregated, and the hardness is reduced to facilitate cutting.


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