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Brief introduction to the performance of belt sintering machine car
2021-07-12 17:12:44

The belt sintering machine car is an important part of the sintering machine. The pallet car consists of a car body, rolling sleeves, wheels, axles, fences, side sealing plates of the ignition furnace, grate bars, grate bar briquetting pins, heat insulation pads, elastic sealing devices, etc.


The pallet car is an important part of the sintering machine, and its working conditions are harsh, and the body of the trolley is easy to deform and break during use.


The production operation content of the belt sintering machine includes: production process connection, equipment start and stop management, ignition temperature control, control of the moisture and carbon content of the mixture, the choice of material layer thickness and the control of the speed of the sintering machine, and the vacuum system And control of sintering end point.


The speed of the belt sintering machine and the height of the material layer have a direct impact on the sintering process and production quality. The speed of the sintering machine can only be adjusted within a narrow range. It is mainly determined according to the vertical sintering speed of the material layer, and the purpose is to ensure that the sintering end point can be completed in a predetermined area. The so-called vertical sintering speed of the material layer is the speed of movement in the thickness direction of the combustion layer during the sintering process, the mixed material layer is sintered from top to bottom, expressed in mm/min. The belt sintering machine will have a good effect only when it achieves the best performance. The quality of the machine is the key to the completion of the work.


sintering pallet car


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