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Fine scraping process of cast iron plate
2022-03-07 15:39:53

1. Fine scraping is to scrape off the high points after rough scraping. The point is to use the short scraping method (the width of the knife mark is about 6mm and the length of 5mm~10mm), and the grinding point is scattered quickly. When scraping finely, it should be scraped in a certain direction. After scraping it once, it should be scraped in a direction of 45 degrees or 60 degrees for the second time. When the average grinding point is 10~14 points per 25×25, the fine scraping can be finished.


2. On the basis of fine scraping, use a small scraper or a fine scraper with a circular arc. The width of the knife mark is about 4mm. The average grinding point should be 20~25 points per 25×25, and the length is used for inspection. Scraping of tools, precision guides and tight tool contact surfaces.


Matters needing attention when scraping the cast iron plate:


1. The fine scraping will not affect the size of the cast iron plate, but to ensure the surface accuracy of the plate, special attention should be paid to the sharp lubrication of the cutting edge, and the inclination angle of the plate should be 5°.


2. The knife trace should be small, about 3mm wide and 6mm long. Each knife should be on the point. First drop the knife in front of the point, press down hard in the center of the point, and divide into two small points. Scrape, the small bright spots are gently scraped, such a large scraping point becomes a small point, and the middle scraping point divides into two small points. .


3. Pay attention to the change of temperature when scraping. If the heat treatment of the cast iron plate is excellent and the room temperature does not change much, the cast iron plate will not be easily deformed, but if it is exposed to the sun directly on a certain part of the platform in summer or Close to a heat source such as a stove, the cast iron plate will deform.


4. When the cast iron plates are ground with each other, due to the influence of their own stiffness and weight, the force on the fulcrum (three legs) at the bottom often causes the deformation of the plate.


5. At the end of the fine scraping, there will be 26~31 scraping points in every 26mm1 frame of the cast iron plate, the pressure bearing area is about 22%, the straightness reaches every 200mm, and the error is not more than 0.0038mm.


6. The raw material of the cast iron plate is high-strength cast iron HT200-300, and the hardness of the working surface is HB170-240. Through two manual treatments (artificial annealing at 600-700 degrees and natural aging), the precision of the T-slot iron is stable and wear-resistant.


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