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The T slotted plate is a very important auxiliary equipment in industry
2021-11-22 16:33:01

The T slotted plate is a very important auxiliary equipment in industrial construction. It plays an important role in many processes and is an indispensable tool.


In fact, the reinforcement ribs of the test platform are a very important part. Using appropriate methods to increase the stiffness and strength can increase the area and strength in a large area.


The test platform is mostly box-shaped, with T-slots and round holes on the table, which can be slotted horizontally and vertically according to user needs. During the finishing of the cast iron platform, since the castings have been processed in time, the finishing can be directly processed according to the accuracy required by the user.


The appearance of the test platform is mostly blue, green or machine gray, and the table surface is anti-rust. There are two lifting holes in the length direction of the platform, and it is packed in a fully enclosed wooden box. The cast iron platform has moisture-proof and anti-corrosion properties during use and transportation.


In order to meet the technical requirements of the process, the required platform installation and commissioning personnel shall combine the leveling instrument to adjust the level before use.


cast iron T slotted plate


During use, the countertop should be cleaned and leveled in time. The cast iron test platform has the characteristics of wear resistance, high hardness and high precision. The flatness of the cast iron test platform is well controlled. The scraping table surface improves the wear resistance of the workpiece and the platform, and greatly improves the service life of the cast iron platform working surface. And the accuracy of the table itself is increased, so that the parts to be processed on the test platform have a good working reference surface.


When machining the cast iron platform, the rough and fine machining should be separated, because the cutting volume during rough machining is large, the workpiece cutting force is large, the clamping force is large, and the machining surface hardening is obvious. The internal stress of the cast iron platform workpiece is large. If the rough machining is carried out continuously, the precision of the finished parts will soon be lost due to the redistribution of stress.


The working surface of the test platform generally has a U-shaped hole. The main purpose of the U-shaped hole is to discharge the surface of the cast iron platform in time through the hole, so as not to affect the cleanliness and convenience of the working surface of the cast iron test platform.


The T slotted plate is used in construction, printing, hydraulic equipment, construction, railway locomotives, instrument production, electronics, petrochemicals, automobiles, ceramics, railway locomotives and other fields.