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The difference between cast iron platform and cast steel platform
2022-03-10 14:36:25

Although the cast iron platform and the cast steel platform are both iron-carbon alloys, due to the different percentages of chemical elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur, they have different metallographic structures after crystallization, and show mechanical properties. and many differences in process performance. For example, in the as-cast state, the elongation, reduction of area, and impact toughness of cast iron are lower than those of cast steel; the compressive strength and shock absorption performance of cast iron are better than those of cast steel; the fluidity of gray cast iron is better than that of cast steel, which is suitable for Casting thin-walled castings with complex structure; in the bending test, cast iron is brittle fracture, and cast steel is bending deformation. etc.


Cast iron platform: resistant to heat, the material requires high-strength cast iron HT200-300, hardness HB170-240, and undergoes high temperature annealing and aging treatment at 600-700 degrees in a tempering kiln. But it has low strength, poor plasticity and toughness, and poor weldability.


The annual output of cast iron is generally 1/10~1/7 of the output of steel, and the tensile strength of cast iron is increased by more than 10 times from the initial 80 MPa.


Steel casting platform: At present, the output of steel castings in some industries accounts for about 2% of the total output of steel. The manufacturing sectors such as railways, construction, metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery and ships are industries that use many steel castings. There are defects of porosity, segregation, shrinkage, bubbles, inclusions and coarse grains in cast steel. These defects are neither welded or refined during the rolling process like wrought steel, nor can they be enhanced by cold work strengthening. Therefore, its mechanical properties (mainly plastic toughness) are generally lower than those of rolled products of the same steel grade. The bigger the part, the bigger the difference. As for wear resistance, weldability and machinability, there is no significant difference from rolled products.


The performance of cast steel platform is obviously better than that of cast iron platform, and it can be welded, but the cost is higher than that of cast iron.


cast iron platform


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