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The weight error of cast iron plate should be controlled within 5%
2022-03-03 15:02:13

For the foundry industry, the phenomenon of weight error of cast iron plate castings is relatively common, but the consequences of different degrees of loss are different. If the weight error of cast iron plate cast iron exceeds 5%, the integrity of the cast iron plate will be caused.


Matters needing attention when casting cast iron flat plate: the control of the sand grinding process of the casting, the performance of the molding sand will directly affect the quality of the casting, therefore, the molding sand should have good air permeability, wet strength, fluidity, plasticity and concessions.


Strictly follow the feeding sequence: old sand - new sand - clay - pulverized coal - water. The mixing time is set at 6 to 7 minutes, and the mixing is carried out for about 5 hours after mixing. After mixing thoroughly, sieve and loosen before use, so that the molding sand has looseness, so as to improve air permeability and fluidity. Casting and pouring process control. The casting water should be inoculated and slag removed before pouring. During the pouring process, the flow should be continuous and stable to avoid sand holes from being washed out. When running the fire, the leaking casting water should be blocked in time, and the casting water should be replenished to reduce defects such as cold insulation and insufficient pouring. The control of the casting cleaning process, the cleaning process is to clean the measuring tool castings from the mold after cooling the measuring tool castings to obtain the measuring tool castings with no defects on the surface.


Box closing: Box closing is an important link that cannot be ignored. The floating sand on the surface of the casting mold should be cleaned up, and it should be aligned according to the imprint. Pay attention to the amount of wrong boxes, which is an important means to reduce the partial box of the gauge casting.


Lowering the core: When lowering the core, it should be stable and clean the floating sand. The position of the sand core should be placed to prevent the occurrence of eccentric core.


Drying: For the drying process of dry mold molding, the operation should be carried out according to the operating procedures, and the drying time should be more than 8 hours to prevent defects such as sand and pores caused by the impermeability of drying.


cast iron t slotted plate


Note: (1): Coating requirements: use water-based graphite coating, its baume degree is between 60-70, when painting in the greenhouse, it is strictly forbidden to move before drying, in order to prevent Deformation (2) Brushing requirements: The paint is evenly stirred, and the paint is strictly exposed when brushing. (3) Coating drying: After the paint is dried, it must have sufficient strength and be dried at 50-60 ° C for 24 hours.


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