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How to deal with the process of cast iron surface plate in general?
2021-12-06 16:02:14

1. Machining the datum surface first: When the part is in the process of processing, the surface as the positioning datum is first processed to provide a good reference for the subsequent processing as soon as possible, which is called the "baseline".


2. Divide the processing stages: Divide the surface with high processing quality into processing stages, which are generally divided into three stages: rough, semi-finish and finishing, mainly to ensure the processing quality, which is conducive to the rational use of equipment; easy to arrange the heat treatment process and easy found blank defects.


3. Hole first: For boxes, brackets, connecting rods, etc., the plane after the hole is processed first, so that the hole can be machined on the plane, which ensures the accuracy of the plane and the position of the hole, and facilitates the processing of the hole on the plane.


4. Finishing of the main surface: It should be placed in the stage of the process route to avoid damage to the surface of the finishing process due to transportation and installation between processes.


cast iron surface plate


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