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What are the scraping technologies for cast iron floor plate?
2021-12-03 16:21:01

1. Rough scraping: If the surface of the workpiece is rough, the processing marks are deep or the surface is severely rusted, uneven or deformed, and the scratch margin is more than 0.005mm, it should be rough scraped first. The rough scraper is characterized by a long scraper and a long stroke. 1015mm, the width of the knife mark is 10mm, the scraper moves forward without repetition. After removing the machining tool mark, these points can be polished and scraped at the indicated high point. When the surface of the workpiece is 25 square meters × 25 square When the amount of fine scraping is left at 4-6 o'clock, fine scraping can be started.


2. Good scraping: Good scraping refers to scraping off high points after rough scraping. It is characterized by a short scraping method. The knife mark is about 6 mm wide and 5 mm to 10 mm long. The point is fast. When the scraping is very fine, You need to scrape in the direction you want, and then scrape again. When scraping, you should insert a scraper in a 45-degree or 60-degree direction. When the uniform grinding point is 10 to 14 points per 25 square meters × 25 square meters, the good scraping can be completed.


3. Fine scraping: On the basis of fine scraping, use a small scraper or a thin scraper with an arc to perform fine scraping. The width of the knife mark is about 4mm, and the uniform grinding point should be 20-25 per 25 square meters × 25 square meters. Point, long enough to check scraping, thin guide rails and close contact surfaces.


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