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What is the requirements for anti-rust primer on the welding platform?
2021-11-23 16:21:51

The anti-rust primer has good adhesion to the surface of the casting, has good anti-rust performance, and has good adhesion to the upper paint, which is convenient for construction and storage.


Commonly used anti-rust primers are grease paint, resin paint, asphalt paint, phosphating paint, etc. Their performance and application range are different. The welding plate is cleaned. After the inspection is qualified, the non-processed surface is usually coated with anti-rust paint. In the production, the welding plate is generally painted manually, and the process is simple. Economical and convenient, suitable for single-piece castings.


cast iron welding plate


1. The working environment of the welding platform: different types of anti-rust paints are suitable for different working environments. Therefore, you should understand the working environment of the welding plate when choosing.


2. Construction method of anti-rust primer: Each anti-rust primer has its own corresponding construction and coating method, but it is necessary to confirm whether the factory or workshop has such conditions.


3. Primer and top paint matching: In addition to the primer, the welding plate must be top painted. Most of the top paint is applied after mechanical processing. Therefore, the adhesion between the primer and the top paint should be considered, usually the same kind. The primer and topcoat prepared by the paint are matched and have strong adhesion. The primer and topcoat prepared by different types of paint may not be compatible and cannot adhere to each other well. Therefore, we must Understand the performance of paint.


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