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The working principle and application of belt sintering machine
2021-07-13 16:53:12

Belt sintering machine is one of the most widely used iron ore sintering methods. The belt sintering machine is the main sintering equipment in the iron and steel industry, and its output accounts for 99% of the world's sintered ore. The cross section of the sintering chamber of a modern belt sintering machine is shown in. The sintering machine is composed of a closed track laid on a steel structure and a series of sintering trolleys that continuously move on the track.


Firstly, the base material (10-20mm) separated from the sinter is added to the trolley to protect the trolley grate and reduce the ash content of the exhaust gas. Then the sintering mixture is added to the trolley by the distributor, and the specified height is maintained. Following this, the sintering is carried out by ventilation, and the sintering process continues downward from the surface of the material layer as the trolley advances. At the end of the machine, the sintering is completed, and the trolley is turned over to dump the sintered cake.


The empty trolley runs along the lower track to the head of the sintering machine, then feeds materials for ignition and sintering, and the cycle continues. After the sintered cake is crushed and sieved out of the hot return ore, it is sent to a cooler for cooling. The exhaust gas extracted from the material layer passes through the wind box under the trolley to the gas collecting main pipe and the dust removal device, and is discharged to the chimney by the exhaust fan.


The belt sintering machine is composed of a sintering trolley, a sealing device, a steel structure frame and a transmission device. The trolley is an important part for placing sintering materials and for exhaust sintering. It is composed of a cast steel car body, side panels, grates and rollers. According to the size of the sintering machine and the width of the trolley, there are 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m and 5.0m. As the trolley works at high temperatures, it not only requires the material to withstand high temperatures, but also requires a reasonable structure to reduce the impact of high temperature deformation.


There is a sealing device (water pipe type seal or spring type seal) between the trolley and the wind box slide, which plays an important role in reducing air leakage and saving power consumption. A heavy hammer linkage type seal is used between the bellows partitions of the nose and tail and the trolley. In order to ensure that the trolley can still run smoothly after being heated and expanded, a special swing frame or a horizontally movable tail star wheel is installed at the unloading end of the machine tail. The sintering trolley moves forward by means of the transmission device of the head part. The transmission device is composed of a motor, a reducer and a large transmission gear.



sintering trolley


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