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What should be paid attention to when using welding platform?
2021-11-25 15:43:29

1. The used bench drills, electric drills, and grinders should be checked frequently. Any damage for welding platform should be reported and repaired in time, and it should not be used before repair.


2. The welding platform should be placed in a place where the line of sight is convenient for work. The bench drill and grinder should generally be installed on the edge of the site.


3. The blanks and processed parts should be placed in the specified position, arranged neatly and stably, quality should be ensured, easy to pick and place, and possible damage to the workpiece and surface should be avoided.


4. When using the welding platform, the workpiece should be handled gently on the welding platform and the fitter's flat platform should not be slammed on the platform with force to avoid damage to the welding platform.


5. Wear insulation protection when using power tools. When using the grinding wheel, you must use strong glasses to protect your eyes. Install a protective net when signing on the welding platform. Use a brush for iron filings. Do not blow directly with your hands or your mouth.


rivet welind plate

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