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The characteristics of the cast iron surface plate used in the motor experiment industry
2021-11-25 15:54:34

1. The production standard of the cast iron surface plate is produced according to the GB7947-1999 standard.


2. The cast iron surface plate is suitable for power test of machinery and engine, equipment debugging, good plane stability and toughness, with T-shaped groove on the surface, which can be used to fix experimental equipment.


3. The working surface of the cast iron surface plate can be divided into rectangular, square or round, V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped grooves, round holes and long holes can be processed, and its surface is suitable for different test work requirements.


4. The cast iron surface plate is suitable for the inspection of various products, and is used to check the dimensional accuracy or behavior deviation of the parts. The precision marking test platform is also an indispensable basic tool in mechanical manufacturing.



cast iron surface plate


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