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How to ensure the flatness of the cast iron T slotted plate?
2021-11-24 16:20:29

1. Manual annealing: it needs to be annealed at 600-700 degrees in a tempering kiln.


2. Thickness requirements: including the thickness of the working surface, the thickness of the side and the height of the platform, and the thickness, height and density of the bottom rib.


3. Trachoma and stomata: No stomata and trachoma are allowed on the 0 and 1 platforms, and the 2 and 3 platforms can be filled with stomata and trachoma made of the same material as the cast iron platform.


4. Sand washing and painting: red anti-rust paint is applied to the bottom of the cast iron platform.


5. Material requirements: High-strength cast iron HT200-HT300 is generally used, and the working surface hardness: HB170-240.


6. Aging treatment: Traditionally, 2-3 years of natural aging is used, but due to the long time, most of them use vibration aging in practice.


cast iron T slotted plate


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